Leslie Dwyer’s patients are often individuals who are experiencing depression, anxiety or fear. Many are high functioning people who are motivated to live with greater fulfillment. Dr. Dwyer treats individuals who are having relationship difficulties, those who are going through life-changing events like the loss of a loved one or a major illness and people encountering obstacles rooted in early experience.

Dr. Dwyer has a doctorate in psychology and over 30 years of experience as a trusted, compassionate and highly effective therapist. Leslie is committed to providing expert treatment in an atmosphere of uncompromising confidentiality, comfort and privacy. She collaborates with her patients to understand the unique origins and complexities of their challenges, and create meaningful change in their lives.

Entering psychotherapy is a significant decision. In addition to reducing the suffering of anxiety and depression, the therapeutic process has the potential to substantially improve general health and well-being, relationships and quality of life. Dr. Dwyer looks forward to hearing from you about what you hope change or how you want to benefit through your work with her.