Dr. Dwyer’s approach involves the development of insight, accurate self-observation and direct relational experience. Accurate, honest mirroring of patients by their therapists is essential for meaningful change and provides a solid foundation for effective treatment. Leslie provides immediacy and presence in the therapeutic environment, while helping her patients link the past with the present.

Dr. Dwyer’s theoretical orientation is Psychoanalytic Object Relations Theory, a theory of personality and behavior concerned with the evolution of the self in relationships with others and informed by modern psychoanalytic practice. Psychodynamic psychotherapy based in Object Relations Theory emphasizes interpersonal relationship patterns and sense-of-self through the developmental stages of life. Two salient aspects of Dr. Dwyer’s therapeutic approach are her work with unconscious material (for example, dreams) and her use of the therapeutic relationship (transference and counter-transference) in the treatment process. Interpersonal Theory, Jungian Psychology and Body Oriented Therapies also contribute significantly to Leslie’s work.

Dr. Dwyer draws from the current research in psychotherapy and neurobiology, applying the best research-based practices in the confidential time and space of psychotherapy. According to what is pertinent to each patient, Dr. Dwyer utilizes evidence-based therapies including CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and EMDR/Alternating Bilateral Stimulation. She consistently employs body awareness, guided imagery, mindfulness/meditative practice, compassion for self and others and expressive arts in her work.